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Lieven Hoste

Lieven Hoste is a Belgium based photographer. Traveling and creating the prefect images for his business clients. After a long journey of paid jobs he found his way back to the pure art of light.


"Reading light is as important as reading people when creating a image."


Thierry Vanhuysse

Thierry Vanhuysse is a Belgium based photographer. He started photography several years ago and made a lot of trips throughout the world to “create” images …

His deep fascination for the aspects  “time and light” creates a specific style of photography … A style in which he finds “Tranquility”

His work has been awarded internationally ( Prix de la Photography Paris and Stark Awards ) and published by international magazines such as Camerapixo and Stark Magazine.


Bruno Algoed

Painter by day artist by night. Bruno is always on to his next idea. Creativity and joy a 2 main factors in his work. Please feel free to visit his exposition in our galleries on 20-06-2018 14h00 till 18h00.